Call me crazy…but I love problems.  Well, not actually the problem itself, but the solutions that are birthed through my process, as well as the clear and focused pathways to making the workplace a better place.


My tenure as a corporate Vice President along with my MBA offers me a deep understanding of corporate life and its challenges.

Over the last 20 years I have consciously developed my intuitive insight and the combination of left and right brain skill sets provides a powerful, laser-like focus in highlighting the most expeditious and profitable route to solving complex business problems.

Employers reach out for consulting on a variety of issues, including…


Leadership Skill Development


Enhancing Decision-Making Skills


Stress Reduction


Navigating Complex Political Situations


Employee Disengagement


Working with Difficult People


Enhancing Problem-Solving Skills


Finding Meaning in the Mundane

To determine if there is a fit in us working together, please sign up for a one-time “Cracking the Code” Intuitive Guidance Session. 

From the moment I start a conversation with any new person I’m meeting, even over the phone, I am flooded with intuitive information about the nature of their issue.

Because of this, I start everyone with a one-time consultation, so they can experience the power of solving problems by blending intellect and intuition.

This productive time together is the first step in solving your issues.  You will receive new insight, clarity, hope and a plan of do-able plan of action to help you get out of the problem and into the solution right away.

Some people find that the one-time consultation is all they need to get things moving.  After this session if you feel you need more consulting support, we will talk about different options to determine how we might work best together.

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My gift is quickly identifying the elements of the problem that need to be addressed first. I call it “lasering in.”  Other people have described it as my ability to “crack the code.”

Once these most important aspects have been uncovered,  then a plan of action is discussed establishing long term solutions for solving the core issues. This creates positive momentum and often has a hugely positive impact on other affiliated issues.

Here are just a few quotes from my clients…

“Molly was so quickly able to assess what my problem areas were and how to change them.”

“She’s tuned in, totally focused and gives clear and insightful interpretation.”

“I trust her guidance and her deeply intuitive way of connecting and working.”

“Our sales have shown a sharp increase directly related to my work with Molly.”

“It always amazes me how quickly Molly can see through me and get right to the real issues. I love how she sees business opportunities in my business that I have not identified myself.“

“She’s the perfect blend of head and heart.”

“Molly has the perfect balance of business savvy and spirituality that I was looking for.”

“Her approach is unique and empowering. When I connect with Molly I am immediately at ease.”

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