You are here today for a reason.

What guided you? 

Your yearning for more success in your business? 

Or a fulfilling career?

I believe that you can have every good thing that you want in life - and more.

Hi.  I’m Molly Luffy and I'm so glad you found your way to my website.

I work with women just like you...women who are smart, capable and deeply spiritual.

And who have heard and felt a silent call to create more fulfillment for themselves while making a difference in the world.

All of this is not only possible, I believe it is your destiny.  If you're on this path, it is meant to be.

But connecting with your vocational Soul's Purpose requires you to release your self-imposed limitations and emerge into the incredible being that you are at the core.

This is the area that most people get stuck.  They hear the call and start on the path to create a career or business that they love, but things just don't flow in the way they had hoped for.  The reason?  They are not fully standing in their power.

Those on the spiritual path are often sensitive and can easily feel overwhelmed and disempowered by life's complexities and demands, as well as the pain of their past, a limited sense of self, or beliefs that they have adopted that are not their own and certainly don't serve them.

In order to fulfill your mission you must emancipate yourself from these limitations and powerfully stand in the Truth of Who You Are.

My work is devoted to helping women step into their mission on this planet in a powerful and productive way.  My process is a blend of a variety of strategies - practical and grounded, soulful, intuitive and energetic. 

If you feel intrigued by this work, the best way to really get a sense of it is to experience a session with me.  The one I recommend first is called "Phoenix Rising" and you can read more about it here...

And make sure to check out the Free Resources page under the "Product and Services" Tab at the top of the page so you can download some goodies.  

Thanks for stopping by!  I wish you the absolute best as you travel your journey.  I'm looking forward to connecting with you soon. 

Until our paths cross again, take care.