Discover Your Soul Purpose and Divine Mission

Are you aware that you have a special and unique purpose on this planet?


Have you often wondered, “Who am I?  Why am I here?”


Do you long to understand your Soul’s Purpose?


Are you yearning for more meaning in your life?



Would you like to understand your Soul Purpose and how that relates to the incredibly unique way you can best make a difference in the world – your Divine Mission?

If you have yearned to understand your Soul Purpose and Divine Mission, then it’s no accident we’re meeting here.


You can have the clarity you have been yearning for.


You can deeply connect with who you are and why you are here.


You can make sense of your life challenges – so that you can move forward in a more confident, profound and purposeful way.

And this clarity provides deep understanding of your past – and the best way to consciously create a rewarding and successful future.

Hi – I’m Molly Luffy and the most exciting part of the multi-facteted work that I do is to help people deeply connect with their Soul’s Purpose and Divine Mission.

The two aren’t the same in my experience.  A Soul’s purpose is all about the path that you are traveling as a soul having a human experience.  This correlates strongly to your Core Wound and the process of overcoming it.

We all have a Core Wound.  It is part of our soul’s evolution to transcend challenges and learn mastery in the process.

Understanding one’s wound and seeing how it has served us on our soul’s path, shifts our perspective about ourselves and others in our life who may have abused or hurt us.  This allows us to move forward with a richer, more meaningful understanding of our lives and our mission. And it offers you the opportunity to move out the pain of your past.

Once you understand your Soul’s Purpose, it’s very easy to understand the unique difference you came here to make.  This is the very best way that you can help other people – what I call your Divine Mission.

Understanding your unique Divine Mission offers you an opportunity to understand your most important guiding principle.  It’s how you show up in the world.

You can make decisions based on whether or not the thing you are considering matches up with your Divine Mission.  Your work – no matter what it is, becomes far more rewarding because you now have a directive to follow – and you can weave that beautifully in to  your everyday experience.

For some, like me, a Divine Mission is intimately tied to one’s vocation.  In fact in record numbers, Entrepreneurs at this time on the planet have felt a call to make a difference with their work.

But oftentimes they struggle to make this a viable reality.  And nothing is more painful than having something meaningful to share and not being able to get it out into the world.

For Entrepreneurs, understanding your Divine Mission makes a world of difference in how you structure your business offerings.  When you know what you are really up to on this planet, you can re-orient your business to reflect this. And that’s when things get much easier.

Without this kind of clarity, you could, like I did, spin your wheels for a long time.

With this information you can right your path, make better decisions and confidently offer your services in the way that makes the most difference.

Now that I understand my Divine Mission, I feel completely different about my business.  I know what I’m up to on this planet and it feels like a very firm and solid foundation that everything else is oriented to.  I can feel the truth of this Mission in every cell of my being.

Many people feel a deep yearning to make sense of their past.  They sense that their struggles have a deeper wisdom to offer and yearn for that kind of soulful understanding.


But sometimes we can’t see the forest for the trees.

I have a gift for easily seeing a person’s soul’s purpose.  Well, it’s not really me, but the wisdom I am given from an incredible team of Spirit helpers.


Each one of us has a team of non-physical beings who love to assist us on our path.  


A very significant part of my path has been to connect with my own Guides and Angels.  Over the last 15 years or so, I have honed the craft of receiving guidance from the other side of the veil, for the benefit of my clients.

So my team, devoted to Soul’s expansion and alignment with the “Spirit-Self” (you as a personality on Earth merged with your more expanded Soul) is delighted to help. Your team will show up to the party, as well.


Other Archangels and Ascended Masters are also in attendance providing incredible energetic attunements, or “recalibrations,” as they call them, to the ascension portion of the story.


Here’s the thing – every Soul path is like a story.  But oftentimes people get stuck in the victim portion of the story – they dwell too much on the past, or subconsciously adopt damaging internal dialogue and perpetuate harmful patterns.


These “recalibrations” help my clients move firmly out of the victim portion of the story, so that they may stand in a newfound place of love and acceptance for themselves and a deep reverence for this journey they have traveled.


So once this is all out in the open and the energy is cruising – client feels much differently about their life – and their ability to move forward with purpose, meaning and fulfillment.


Sound exciting?  It is! These sessions are like, as one client called it, “rocket fuel” for her life.

What would be possible if you understood your soul’s evolutionary intentions?


Here are just a few ways you will benefit…


  • You can finally forgive your perpetrators and move forward in peace.

  • You will consciously create more fulfillment, joy and peace.

  • Your foundation for life feels solid, real and profound.

  • You feel a sense of understanding of who you are at a deep level.

  • You will experience a sense of liberation – having released your past and re-framed it from a more soulful perspective.

  • You will experience daily peace and joy by consciously sharing the gifts discovered as part of your unique Divine Mission.

I encourage you to give yourself this gift of powerful, soulful knowledge, energetic attunement to your Divine Mission and the solid foundation you need to move forward in your life with more clarity, purpose and joy.


I encourage you to listen to your inner guidance.  Feel into it. Ask yourself if I am the right person to assist you on your journey.


If the answer is “Yes,” it will be my absolute pleasure to help you take this huge step forward in your life by discovering your Soul Purpose and Divine Mission.


Integrity is a cornerstone of my business.  I am committed to having only highly satisfied clients.  To this end I always offer a Peace of Mind Guarantee.

I am confident that you’ll love Your Divine Mission Session but if for some reason it’s just not what you are looking for, we’ll stop the call and I will gladly refund your money – no problem at all. 


To reserve your 2 hour session (conducted via telephone), click the button below. The investment in this session is $475.  We will work to get you into the calendar as soon as possible.  Lead time is generally 2-3 weeks.