Many leaders today are so overwhelmed with competing priorities that they have taken their eye off the ball as to what’s really important. They’ve become “lazy” leaders. Are you making this mistake without realizing it?


Sometimes we need to get real with ourselves so that we can grow into a better version of ourselves. In this video I'll discuss a few leadership qualities and give you the opportunity to look at your current style and strategy to see if you need a leadership makeover.

Most people are yearning to create meaning at work and in their lives. Think you can't find meaning in a less than ideal job? Think again. What does meaning look like to you?

Daydreaming about quitting your job? Do it without a proven alternative and it could prove costly. Learn to manage your stress better and each day will be better.

What does bad leadership look like? What do you do if you report to a bad leader?

Is meditation becoming mainstream? Many organizations like Apple, Google and Aetna are teaching their employees to meditate? Learn why in this video.

In today's noisy world, sometimes leaders let their leadership responsibilities fall to the end of the to do list. These 3 easy but effective strategies can help you re-prioritize and be a better leader right away.

Don't make the mistake many leaders do by "half-listening" to your employees. Let go of your busy-ness, distraction and stress and offer deep listening when your employees speak. You'll be surprised what you will find out. Not to mention the respect and engagement that follows when an employee feels deeply heard.

Sometimes we work so hard trying to achieve something we want and we end up wondering if maybe we're working on the wrong thing. How do you know how far and how long to work on a goal before abandoning it?
Listen to your inner wisdom to find out.

Embrace an alternative to old school resolutions and experience more authenticity, alignment, fulfillment and success in 2019.

We've all had a boss we can't stand but sometimes we allow this to overshadow our good work and ability to be an Evolutionary Leader.