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Molly Luffy, MBA is an Award-Winning Writer, Speaker, Motivator and Mentor dedicated to helping make the workplace a better place.  She is the creator of CALM10™; a 10-minute personal reboot system that helps leaders shift out of overwhelm and stress into a more clear, focused and productive state.

Molly has an impressive corporate background including her appointment to the position of Vice President of Human Resources before she turned 30 years old, as well as appointments to numerous professional committees and Boards of Directors.  Molly has mentored business leaders for the last 17 years.

Molly has a gift for quickly connecting with an audience. This creates a motivation and an enhanced learning environment. Audiences enjoy her presentations and leave having learned something valuable that can really make a difference.

In her free time you’ll find her on the golf course, tennis court or traveling with her husband Tom.  Molly lives in Sarasota, FL and Columbus, Ohio.

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