Learn CALM10™

Are you stressed out and feeling overwhelmed?

Do you struggle to get it all done with ease and flow?

Are you constantly being asked to do more with less?

Do you wish you could feel more focused, productive, decisive and calm so you could tackle your long to-do list with more confidence that you would easily get it all done?

Then you are in the right place!


Hi, my name is Molly Luffy and I help people just like you learn to get more done but with far less stress.


Let’s face it – we live in a CRAZY world. The demands on our time have never been more acute.  And the world and your employer’s demands are not going to miraculously change.


What has to change is you – and how you approach your work and your life.

It’s time to take charge of how you are BEING as you are busy DOING your life.


You can cultivate a calmer, clearer and more focused approach to getting it all done.  And I can show you how.



The 10-minute personal reboot process that helps you shift out of stress, chaos and overwhelm into a much clearer, more focused and productive state.  Not only do you feel so much better, but you’ll have a much better shot at getting it all done.


CALM10™ is a super simple, easy to use 10 minute meditation process that quickly shifts your energy so that you can feel happier and more peaceful.  You’ll feel more in charge and focused;  your decisions will become easier to make and you’ll solve problems much more quickly.

Here’s how using CALM10™ works – let’s say you’re having a crazy busy day.  It’s only 11:00 but you’ve already had three meetings, and in between them you’ve been tackling your overflowing email inbox – and you have a presentation to give that afternoon – you need time to prep!



You’re feeling the burn and wondering if you’re headed for a meltdown.



Stop what you’re doing, close your door, find a quiet park bench, even go to your car – just find someplace quiet.  Then, use the CALM10™ process for 10 minutes.  You will emerge feeling clearer and calmer and much more ready to tackle the rest of the day.

But if you’re like most people, you don’t have a solution.  Instead, you head to Starbucks, the vending machine – maybe complain to a co-worker.  You don’t have a good strategy to deal with this chronic situation.

I get it.  I used to be in the exact same situation.

As a “recovering” Type A personality, former corporate executive and entrepreneur, I’ve had a lot of demands on my time and my thinking.

I have struggled with work-aholism, chronic over-thinking, anxiety and some other pretty painful health consequences that were a direct result of me not being able to control my stress level.

Finally, enough was enough and I knew I had to find a way to get my mind and body to calm down.  I decided to learn the art of meditation.  I took several formal meditation classes and trainings.  Some were quite expensive and promised miracles.

I personally found meditating frustrating.  I was trying to quiet my mind with this new technique but it seemed like my racing thinking was more rampant than ever.

Eventually, after many attempts, with much practice, time and attention, I did become a regular meditator.  And it has helped me a lot.  So much so that I started suggesting this resource to my high-performing and chronically stressed out clients.  Very few were able to stick with it.

But I had to do something.  They were so stressed that they would show up to our meetings in a compromised state, unable to be clear, focused and strategic.  So I started offering them guided meditations as a way for them to calm down and de-stress so we could get onto the business at hand.  They liked this much better than trying to do traditional meditation on their own.

One day, during my own meditation, an idea about a much easier way to meditate – the CALM10™ way –  was delivered to me in a flash of inspiration. 


The process was simple, and crystal clear.  It felt like I had been gifted this process from the heavens.


Along with an important message, “People are suffering.  Teach this.  They need your help.”

Since that time I have made it my personal mission to teach CALM10™.  I feel like I have been asked to do this and I’ve said “Yes” to the Universal request.


And people are loving this method.  This makes me feel so good – like I’m really making a difference – and have a great purpose in my life.


I want you to have that same great feeling…feeling good about your work, your contribution and your life.


And sometimes it’s just impossible to access that when you are feeling burned out and overwhelmed.  Remember, I’ve been there myself.


Maybe you’ve tried other forms of meditation and found, like me, it’s hard to get your mind to calm down.  Don’t worry – CALM10™ takes care of that.  It really is the simplest and most effective meditation I’ve ever tried.

And I’m not the only one, here’s what other CALM10™ users have to say…


“I love that I don’t need anything special to do it since it’s a just-in-time way to relax.”


“I found CALM10™ to be easy and amazingly effective at quickly achieving a state of relaxation and possibilities.”


“Using CALM10™ will allow me to make the choice to open space for more good to show up and expand every day.”


“CALM10™ is a brilliant, easy process to use anywhere.”  To read more reviews of CALM10™, visit here.

So are you ready to learn the most effective, efficient and powerful way to meditate and shift your energy so you can feel better – and be much more productive?


Then sign up today and allow me to show you this miraculous technique that is helping people just like you.


Here’s how it works…we’ll meet for 1 hour via Zoom video conference.  I’ll teach you the exact process so that you can start using CALM10™ right away.  I’ll also take you through a very interesting stress assessment so you can see exactly what stress is costing you.  Information is power!  And since you’re learning CALM10™ you’ll have the perfect tool to shift out of stress and overwhelm.

I almost forgot!  There are all kinds of other times to use CALM10™ – not just when you are stressed out at work.


To start the day off right


Prior to a big presentation or meeting


Before you got to bed so you can get a better night’s sleep


If you wake up in the middle of the night worrying


If you’re having trouble making a decision


If you’re struggling to solve a problem

You CAN take charge of your stress, your energy, your mindset and your day so you can feel better, get more done and enjoy your life more.  It starts with a decision to take a new action.  Listen to your inner guidance and ask yourself if learning CALM10™ is right for you.


If you are ready, click the button below and get signed up. You’ll be sent a link to my calendar right away.  I’m excited for you to learn this amazing process!

Integrity is a cornerstone of my business.  I am committed to having only highly satisfied clients.  To this end I always offer a Peace of Mind Guarantee.


I am confident that you’ll love the Solve It! Session but if for some reason it’s just not what you are looking for, we’ll stop the call and I will gladly refund your money – no problem at all. 


To reserve your session, click the button below. We will work to get you into the calendar as soon as possible.  Lead time is generally 2-3 weeks.


The investment in learning this method that you can use the rest of your life is $199.00.


ps – Don’t just keep doing the same old thing. 

Take charge of your life and make it better…

so simple, so easy, just 10 minutes at a time.