Audience Reviews

“I was very excited to offer the Calm10 program to my sales team at Columbus Business First. We work in a stressful environment with high amounts of pressure and deadlines, and I knew this workshop could benefit us all with managing our lives better at work and at home. With such unique and dynamic personalities, I was unsure how the staff would receive the workshop, but I was pleasantly surprised to see that they were ‘all in.’ Molly is an awesome speaker and did great job relating to the varying personalities in the audience.  She is relatable and has a fun, yet professional style that my team really responded to.  The presentation was not only very informative, but entertaining which was a huge bonus. There is actually a difference in the team already, in their overall level of focus and drive. I personally have found that using the CALM10™  technique has helped me to get to a place of calm during the most stressful times.  This impacts my ability to be more productive, make better decisions and problem solve more quickly. I finally feel as if my team and I now have a real too to build resilience as we deal with our high demand workload.  CALM10™ helps me be a better leader and better wife and mother too. I highly recommend CALM10™ for all types of employee groups.”

Katy Burrier, Director of Advertising, Columbus Business First


“Molly offered CALM10™ to our operations team of directors and managers.  We were interested because building employee resilience is important to our organization.  Molly did a great job and her presentation provided good background on stress and the benefits of meditation.  Some of our team members were skeptical going in and the presentation was effective in turning that around.  It was a valuable experience for our staff and I am happy we were able to offer them CALM10™ as a tool to shift their stress on a just-in-time basis.”

Dr. David Lee, Chief Medical/Operations Director, OhioHealth Employer Services


“Molly was relatable and engaging, she kept my attention throughout the presentation with humorous quips and interesting stories. She helped me become aware of how stress has been affecting all parts of my life and gave some great tips for how to manage stress while staying in the job I love. CALM10™ is so simple, it’s the perfect dose of medicine for a chaotic mind like mine, I imagine I’ll be using it often!”

Catherine Murray, Founder, Photo Kitchen


“I really appreciated the power of learning CALM10™.  In just a short time, I was able to feel the benefits for myself, and imagine the benefits for my entire organization. “

Marti Post, Chief Strategy Officer, Mindset Digital


“”There aren’t many people I clear my schedule for, but Molly is one of them. She is a breath of fresh air in the speaker arena. She’s profound, relevant, humorous and always leaves me and the rest of the audience glad they came.  Molly’s framework for CALM10™ has given me a simple process to de-stress in a matter of minutes.  I love that I don’t need anything special to do it since it’s a just-in-time way to relax.  I’ll definitely use CALM10™.  I love simple yet highly effective ways to be and do better.”

Meredith Liepelt, Founder, Rich Life Marketing


“I found CALM10™ to be easy and amazingly effective at quickly achieving a state of relaxation and possibilities.  I will be sharing this technique with my friends and family.  Thanks, Molly!”

Carolyn Barnes, Author, Return to Ease


“CALM10™ is a practical and accessible introduction to meditation as a stress-reduction tool.  The presentation is educational, motivational and inspiring.”

Tom Rausch, Principal Consultant at TiER1 Performance Solutions


“CALM10™ is a brilliant, easy process to use anywhere.  I love the name!  I can see employees asking each other “Did you CALM10™ today?”

Kathy Rausch, CEO Tekmiss


“Using CALM10™ will allow me to make the choice to open space for more good to show up and expand every day.”

Marion Durham, Retirement Specialist


“As Managing Director for eWomen Network for the past 6 years, I’ve seen a lot of speakers and Molly Luffy stands out among the top. She will provide your audience with valuable insights and strategies along with a fun and fresh style that keeps the audience engaged, learning and laughing. I highly recommend her!”

Amy Ostigny, Managing Director, eWomen Network


“Molly Luffy stands out among the crowd of speakers. As a speaker myself, I learned so much from Molly’s authentic, fun, and funny style.”

Norah Edelstein, Accomplishment Coaching


“Molly is an uplifting and transformational speaker. Her excellent use of humor combined with valuable information made for an entertaining presentation as well as an excellent learning opportunity!”

Ursula C. Mentjes, President, Sales Coach Now


“Molly has a unique way of taking complex material and making it easy to understand.”

Maggie Ervin, Owner, Maggie’s Fine Design