Attention Spiritually-Awakened Women…

Do you desire to lead a happier, more fun, fulfilling life?

What would it be like if you could release your limiting beliefs, fears and doubts?

Are you willing to become your most powerful, confident self?

If you’re like most women I know, you are yearning to live a life of abundance, happiness and meaning. You get that you are the creator of your own experience and you believe in Law of Attraction.

But it’s likely that despite all of your spiritual learning, you are still struggling with some things. Perhaps you have goals for your business – but you haven’t quite achieved them. Or maybe you are yearning to find your Soul’s Purpose – but it just hasn’t become clear yet.

Whatever path you’re are currently walking – one thing is for sure – if you really want to create more of what you want in life, you need to clear yourself of the limiting beliefs, fears and doubts that are holding you back. I call these things negative energy blocks.

The bad news is that until you clear your negative energy blocks, you’ll struggle to achieve your goals and dreams. The good news is, releasing these blocks is a lot easier than you think.

So if you’re ready to become your most powerful, confident self please join me for four hours that could literally change your life for you!

Release Your Negative Energy Blocks and Watch Your Life SOAR

4-hour Experiential Workshop for Women
August 21 from 9 am – 1 pm
at Brookside Country Club, Columbus, Ohio

Join Intuitive Coach and Self-Love Advocate, Molly Luffy, for this four-hour experiential workshop that is jam-packed with energy clearings, leading-edge strategies and processes that will help you become more powerful and create more of what you want in life.

“Molly is amazing to work with. She is the perfect blend of kindness and compassion, mixed with tough and direct. I have learned and grown leaps and bounds working with her. Although I am a life coach and do this type of work everyday, it has been invaluable to have someone like Molly to force me to break through my blocks and step into the business owner I want to become.

Not only has it been personally and spiritually enlightening, but my income has increased significantly! All of this while feeling good, enjoying my life, and working LESS. I highly recommend you start your process now. It is the best investment I have made in myself or my business… EVER!”

Jody England, Co-Founder, BuzZen

During this workshop you will…

There is something about Molly Luffy that unleashes the magic within you.

She knows exactly what you need to do energetically and strategically to build your business. Due to her incredible expertise and talent, I personally have been able to begin successfully rebuilding my business from it’s foundation with her clear, targeted, wise, and simple instruction.

As a result, I am rapidly experiencing ever increasing waves of profit and esteem as a business owner. She combines a perfect blend of energetic magic and practical business building wizardry in her work with you.

I would say that any open minded and motivated business owner that is truly serious about building their business should do whatever they can to work with Molly.

Dan Hanneman
“The BlockBuster” Energy Healer & Spiritual Guide

This Program is for you if…

This Program is NOT for you if…

In my first week working with Molly I gained an insight that I rely on every single day for my business and my life!

I was stuck in a place of despair and desperation — feeling trapped and overwhelmed by circumstances I thought were outside my control. Molly quickly helped me shift the focus back to where it belongs — ME! Molly helped me discover that creating the life I want has to start with me loving myself first. After just a few short sessions with Molly, I’ve gained powerful tools for loving myself and now I’m building a solid foundation for my business and my life.

Molly inspires, coaches and cajoles. Her gentle caring yet “no holds barred” approach keeps me constantly moving forward.

Laurel Nevinslong

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Seating is limited so make sure you sign up right away!

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Early Bird Pricing – $49 by August 9
$59 August 10 – 15

» FREE Energy Clearing Session! «

One lucky attendee will win
a FREE Energy Clearing Session with Molly

a $250 value!

P.P.S.. I’m so confident that this program is everything that I say it is, I offer my
100% Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee
. If you don’t feel that I’ve given you the tools and strategies that I’ve outlined, and fully supported you in every way I’ve detailed, I will gladly refund your money.