The Phoenix Rising Session

Have you ever had one of those days where you just felt good in the world? You felt confident and connected and like you were comfortable in your own skin.

Those days are amazing, aren’t they? You just want them to last forever. But for many people these days of alignment and good feelings are very few and far between.

In today’s world we experience more busyness, responsibility, distraction and stress than any other time frame in history.

Our internal environment including personal resiliency, belief system and connection to Spirit influence how we handle living in such a crazy and busy world.

Some people find themselves feeling lost.  They yearn for more fulfillment and purpose in offering the contribution that they came here to make. But oftentimes the realities of making that happen turn into a struggle that leaves them feeling worse than they did before.

So what’s the deal?  So many of us hear this call to make a difference and follow that direction but then can’t seem to find a way to make it work – and make a living doing it.

I’ve personally experienced this myself.  And boy is it painful.

In 2001 I followed my own call to leave a lucrative (but unfulfilling) Executive Management career and start a coaching practice. Back then when I told people I was a coach, they always asked, “Oh really, what sport?”

The industry was new and I didn’t have any marketing experience. And the fact that I had to market myself made things even more complicated.  I struggled to find the right words to explain what I did.

I started to access feelings of not being “good enough.”  Suppressed childhood memories started to surface and suddenly I was feeling really awful about myself – and the career decision I had made.

But, I’ve always been a tenacious person so I was determined to make my business work.  I read books, took tons of classes, workshops, seminars and teleclasses.  To the tune of tens of thousands of dollars. Ouch.

And despite the hype-y marketing promises by the slick online marketers, the strategies I diligently studied and learned really didn’t work for me.

In 2003 I had a mystical experience. I attended yet another seminar hoping to break through in my business. This time the seminar was spiritual in nature and offered by a very famous and respected author, Debbie Ford.

While I was somewhat interested in the topic of the seminar, my real intention in going was to study Debbie herself.  I thought I could surely learn something about being a successful businesswoman by watching one in action.

At the end of the day, she asked us to think of a topic that we were struggling with that we would like to receive some guidance about. I’m sure you might have guessed that I had my business on my mind.

She led us through a very deep and powerful meditation. And after what seemed like a very long time, I heard 3 words inside of my own head that I knew were absolutely true. The voice was not my own. But I felt an unshakable knowing that the speaker was trustworthy, loving and absolutely 100% correct with their statement to me.


The words were “Love Yourself First.”

As I sat in my chair in that hotel ballroom, I quietly wept. “Yes,” I thought. “This is the key to my success. I must learn to love myself.” And I was thrilled because I knew that I had just been contacted by an Angel!

My business struggle had been so very painful. I had left this well-paying job with a big office and a big title. It had been a major risk. And so far the risk had not paid off.

Each passing day and every dollar spent on trying to make my business work left me feeling worse and worse.

My internal environment was at an all time low. I was filled with regret and shame and this was having a hugely negative impact on my business success.

But now that I knew the key to my success – this idea of loving myself – I could do something about it. But what?

Surely there was a seminar, workshop or class I could take.  Despite and exhaustive search, I could not find it.

So I had to strike out and find the path to loving myself on my own.  I was committed and determined.

The path was a winding one, to be sure, but I’m happy to tell you that I was able to achieve my goal. I stand now in a totally different place not only in my business, but in my relationship with myself. And it feels like a miracle.

Over the years my work as a coach has evolved in ways that I never could have imagined.  I started attracting clients who had similar experiences in trying to develop their own businesses.  I shared that in order to make the difference they came here to make, they needed to have a strong internal foundation.  This really is the missing link for so many people.

I have helped those clients build a solid foundation of:

  • Knowing who they are outside of their roles as Mother, Wife, Entrepreneur, Daughter, Friend
  • What they believe about themselves and the world
  • Positive beliefs that are in alignment with their goals and dreams
  • A connection with their Spiritual nature
  • Authentic confidence
  • Feeling good about themselves and finally starting to love themselves

And along the way, I’ve helped them identify their gifts and talents – and match those up with business marketing strategies that work for them. 

The combination of the self-love and aligned business strategies makes a huge different.  And their businesses started to thrive.

We all know that Law of Attraction tells us like attracts like, right?

So if we’re filled up with negative thoughts and feelings about ourselves, how in the world are we going to shine and make the great and unique difference that we came here to make?

Once the internal environment is cleaned up, everything changes.

Most of my work over the years has been with long-term clients. But I wanted a way to work with people in a one-time session that could get them started on this path without having to make a longer commitment.

So I asked my Spirit Guides to help. I asked them to deliver me guidance about how I could be of service to people I met who needed my help quickly.

And from this connection with Spirit, the Phoenix Rising Session was born.  I was guided to offer a 2 hour energy clearing session to help people get a jump start in learning to love themselves fully.

During this session you will connect with the truth of who you are in a more powerful way. 

My Guides are present in every client session I conduct, so they’ll be here with us providing input, offering energetic recalibration and helping you access the energy of what it feels like to be free of the limitations, fears, doubts and shame that are dragging you down.

This session is about expansion. It is about releasing your story and your struggle so that you can rise up in your own Divine nature, feeling stronger, more committed to your purpose and more optimistic about your future.

It all starts with looking at your greatest struggle in life.  Sounds fun, right?  Don’t worry – it’s really not that bad.  You’ll shed a few tears, as most do.  But you’ll be totally supported and guided by Divine Beings of Light who will be right beside you.  

You will be able to view your struggle and pain through the eyes of Spirit, and in doing so you can see your story with a fresh perspective.

You will access the gift that you have received in having experienced this pain. You will shift from identifying with the struggle to seeing yourself as one who has grown and become even stronger for having experienced it.

Every life story has a pain to purpose opportunity. But only if we take it.

So many people make the mistake of staying stuck in the pain portion of their life story.  This is living life as a victim.

But staying stuck as a victim does not help us – or those we came to positively impact. 

We must ascend into the greater Truth of our story.

The Phoenix Session will help you do just that.6e785453b2dc9a619ab37e3c02b855d3

This 2-hour energy clearing session will help you release the chains that bind you and keep you feeling small.

You will see your story more clearly – through the eyes of Spirit. 

You will achieve clarity about your biggest life lesson and how it has served your Soul’s evolution on this planet. 

You will own your life path in a whole new way having claimed the power of your path. 

And you will choose emancipation from the victim mentality so that you can move forward with peace and personal power.

Standing in this newfound place is unbelievably freeing.

And powerfully impacts your internal environment.

 This stronger, more clean and clear internal environment has a hugely positive impact on how you feel about yourself as well as the vibrational signal you are sending out that determines what you attract.

So if you are ready to see yourself more clearly, feel better about your past and who you really are, I invite you to join me in doing this most powerful work.

Listen to your guidance and see if this feels like the next right step in your journey.  And if it does, it will be my great honor to assist you in rising up from your story and your pain and embracing the beautiful Spirit that you are.

You can sign up for the session by clicking here.

The session is 2 hours in length and the investment is $350.00.  Once you sign up we will get you scheduled as quickly as possible so that you can RISE UP in your own authority and power and create the business and life that you dream of.

I do hope you will continue on your path to peace and personal power.  Don’t ever give up on yourself.  You are more than you know.

Until our paths cross again, wishing you every good thing and more…



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