Clear Away 2017

Complimentary Energy Clearing

Wednesday, January 3, 2017  

Noon Eastern (lasting an hour or so) 

It’s time to clear away the energy of 2017 and make room for a New Year and new intention.

Join my as I receive and transmit a beautiful energy clearing from the other side of the veil.

I work with a variety of Non-Physical Beings of Light including Archangel Michael, Yeshua and Mary, Metatron and many more.  It will be fun to see who shows up to help us thrive in the upcoming year.

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Owning Who You Are

Insights from Jophial (a collective Spiritual Guidance team who offers me incredible guidance and insight through automatic writing)

The topic of owning who you are is important for many people never stop to consider that they don’t own who they are. They go through life disconnected from their truest self – their Spirit-Self.

Connecting with your Spirit Self – who you are at the core – as a soul expressing in human form at this time, is the greatest gift you can give yourself because it helps you to create a life of joy, authenticity and purpose.

Part of the Earth experience for spiritual ones is to consciously travel the path of undoing who they were told they are and connecting with the real version of themselves.

This opportunity offers great insight and peace for when the connections are made, the greatest gifts are offered. This is the purest form of true alignment one can experience as a human.

First you must connect deeply with your Soul. This can be done by asking the Archangels to help you to connect with your Higher Self. Ask daily until you can feel the support and connection with this greater form of yourself.

Ask your Higher Self to help you make decisions, and to help you see who you really are.

As you go through life pay attention to how you feel. Your feelings will tell you if you are on track or off track.

For example, if you are thinking a thought such as “I’m not smart enough.” It will feel bad for you to believe this thought. This is your indicator that you are off track with this belief or thought. It is up to you to gently steer yourself to the greater truth. And the greater truth is that you are smart. You have been designed perfectly.

You might be slightly disconnected from your Higher Self and Source – but you have so many beautiful qualities.

Do you know what they are?

It is time to find out. It is time to connect deeply with all aspects of yourself. It is time for healing.

If you choose this path of redemption you will be rewarded with more love and support than you have ever experienced before. This is the greatest work you will ever do as an Earthling. This is the real work. It is the opportunity for you to emancipate yourself from your past and from the limitations that you perpetuate with your own patterns of thoughts and beliefs.

Thoughts and beliefs can be changed. You can do this with commitment and angelic support.

There is no reason to feel bad about yourself. Believing old stories and negative self-perceptions is self-abuse.

Perhaps ones in your past told you these things. They were wrong. But also part of your story. Your story can have a happy ending if you choose it.

Choose kindness, compassion and self love. Commit to these things more than anything else in the world and you will soar in your life. You will align with and expand into the light being that you are. You will attract the right people, places and experiences that delight you.

You will feel peace in your heart and soul. Life will become sweet. You will be free.

So right now, ask an Archangel for assistance. Quan Yin is the champion for compassion. Start with her, if you like. She will help you heal your heart.

Love yourselves, dear Ones. It’s what you came here to do. Do it and you will be rewarded with peace, love, abundance, joy, freedom and fulfillment. This is the way of the heart.

Anticipation Energy Raises Your Vibe – FAST!

I have a very important question for you today...

What do you have planned that are you looking forward to this weekend?

And what about the week after that? And after that? What about 2016?

Did you know that positive "anticipation" energy is one of the quickest and easiest things you can do to shift your energy into a higher vibration?

Filling your calendar with all kinds of things to look forward to is a wonderful way keeps your vibration humming along.

They can be little things, like taking a yoga class that you love or bigger things like going on vacation. And ideally a hearty combination of both.

When you fill your calendar with consistent opportunities to have fun and joy, you'll feel great. And you can look at those upcoming events and take some time to pre-pave your future positive experience by thinking about how great it's going to be and all of the fun you're going to have. Get into it and imagine yourself feeling AMAZING and having the best time.

Doing this has an ABSOLUTE, DIRECT, POSITIVE IMPACT on your current vibrational state.

Feeling sh*tty? Look at your future fun. Think about it. Daydream and shift your energy. You are in complete control of your experience so take charge and do the things you want to do in life.

I have a big future experience to look forward to coming up as I'm on the Florida countdown now. Only seven weeks until I head back south for winter. And you know, I can't wait get back to my beloved Sarasota. For those of you who are light workers - this is a must visit town.

The energy there is incredible! People are relocating there from all over the globe at the moment. I hear that it's a cosmic calling. Well I sure heard it!

Not only is it a beautiful town with lots of culture, dining, art and entertainment, but it's a town with over 10 - yes 10 - metaphysical churches/spiritual centers.

There are healers, spiritual workshops, art classes, and awesome shops filled with amazing goodies for people like me who love our spiritual pursuits. One place, Bright Life, is a beautiful shop with feng shui items for the home. The entire store is arranged by Chakra. Simply magnificent!

Especially at the beautiful 99.9 white quartz crystal, world-famous, Siesta Beach.
Some people believe that this incredible beach was formed from crystals from the lost city of Atlantis. Wowee!!

One of many things I adore about this beach is the Sunday night drum circle. Every Sunday, from about 5 till 11 or 12, people gather to play drums, hula hoop and dance. It's quite a large gathering and considered a "must see" for tourists.  Watch a quick video here...20971d0e06314173910d50628c9fb172

I'm just loving the anticipation energy that is available to me any time I think about this incredible place.

Yes, this is a big one, but my calendar also has little things, such as visiting with my girlfriend next week and playing tennis later today.

So get going, my friends. Start NOW! This is such a no-brainer. So easy, so powerful and so damn fun!

When I started my business in 2001, I had no idea what I was in for. I often joke that I should've named my business naï  I expected to have the same meteoric success that I had experienced in my corporate life.  I was absolutely blindsided by my struggle.

There was much for me to learn about business - and certainly about myself.  I wasn't clear in those early days that my own belief in myself really was a non-negotiable aspect of having a successful business.  And there are so many more.

Over the years I have I tweaked and overhauled my personal beliefs and my business strategies more times than I could possibly count.

There are so many things that need to be present in order to create a successful sustainable business that you enjoy.

I created this infographic in order for you to see a visual of what some of those things are.  Take a look - what stands out to you?

I have made every single one of these mistakes in my own business. And in the beginning, I was making them all.

With a courageous spirit I conquered my fears and worked on my business.  And I still do. I believe in continuous improvement. Not only in business but myself.

And make no mistake, the two are inextricably linked.

Not willing to be brutally honest with yourself? Well, my friend, perhaps you'd be more comfortable in another role. Because Entrepreneurship is NOT for wimps. Or the faint of heart. And certainly not for those who aren't willing to see inefficiencies or problems or blocks clearly and fix them!

So put on your big girl panties take a look at the graphic and get a plan together to tackle the culprits that exist in your own business. It's critical and the time is now! Remember, you have to survive to serve. Don't let your gifts be under-utilized!!

Oftentimes when I'm interviewed, I joke that when I started my business 2001 I should have named it naï There was so much to business that I really didn't anticipate and marketing was top on the list.

Even though I had achieved an MBA and gone to coaching school, it wasn't until I was out there on my own that I came to understand that if I wanted to survive as a coach, I was going to have to not only learn, but learn to like marketing.

Like marketing? That was quite a laughable notion back then. But now I can honestly say I really do enjoy marketing. But it's been quite a journey to get here.

I can't tell you how many times I have evolved my brand, refined my core offerings and messaging - always in an attempt to make my work and my marketing of it, the most authentic and effective they can be. I've taken umpteen classes, workshops and teleseminars, hired consultants, joined name it, I've done it.

But the very best thing that I have ever discovered is that marketing really does become easy, fun, and effective when you find and align all of your marketing to what I call -

The Sparkle Spot.c0adfc4b-1848-4491-a25b-8db16912294e

This is the center of a very important intersection of factors any heart-centered entrepreneur must think about when creating their own marketing strategy.

Let's talk about the factors you'll want to consider when identifying your own Sparkle Spot.

Here are the factors involved...

Identifying Your Expertise - what you're really, really good at (and boy you gotta own it, honey)

I don't know about you - but I have to super-duper
believe in what I'm offering in order to market it.

And the reality is that if you don't super-duper believe in yourself AND what you're just won't sell.

Next you must define what the market will bear in your field of expertise. What problem(s) will people pay to solve that you are good at?

Then look at your own spiritual mission. Why are you in the field you are in? Did you personally have a struggle in this area? You know what they say...your biggest struggle is your greatest gift. Identifying the thing you came here on this planet to do will fuel your efforts like nothing else.

Then define the thing that are you most passionate about. What difference DO YOU want to make? If you could change ONE thing or solve one problem what would it be?

Once you start to identify these things, you'll see some patterns emerging.

When you coalesce all of this information you can identify not only your lead product/service but the core messaging that you will want to use so that you can enthusiastically and authentically market your offerings.

And what does authentic and aligned marketing produce?

I just had a powerful conversation with a good friend of mine about his life purpose. I can see it so clearly and yet he was completely oblivious to it. It got me thinking about my own life purpose and how I consciously walk this path every day.

Having worked with private clients for the last 14 years it's very obvious to me that most people have no idea what their life purposes might be. But I have a clue for you if you're willing and ready to see it. Look at your life – what has been your biggest struggle? Overcoming this is quite likely the number one part of your life purpose. And usually life purposes have some multiple aspects

Consciously choosing to work on your life purpose will be the most powerful work you can do in your life.

It will help you grow and evolve not only as a person but as a soul.  And if you are a heart-centered entrepreneur, it’s likely your life purpose is central to the most powerful work you can contribute in the world.

So take some time for yourself.  Fix a lovely cup of tea, get your journal and start asking yourself the questions that need to be asked –

What has been my biggest struggle in life?

Who have I become as an adult that I was not as a child?

What do I care deeply about in this world?

Allow other questions to bubble up from your consciousness. Take your time. Don't rush it. Discovering your work on this planet is beyond empowering and magical. It will give you a sense of freedom and purpose like never before.

So give yourself the gift of understanding. You’ll be glad you did.

Making Your Workshop Work, Part Two

If you're interested in making your workshop the best it can be there are lots of things that you can do to ensure success. Last time I shared a number of resources and ideas so take a peek at this article if you need a quick refresher.

Confidence is an integral piece of the workshop success puzzle. The way you convey your information and your up sell has more to do with the overall success of your workshop than any other element.

If you are up in front of the crowd and feeling like your content and offer aren't that great or your pricing feels a bit high, it's no bueno.

Any little disconnect will be non-verbally communicated to your audience thus impacting your credibility and crushing your sales potential.

It's important that every single facet of your workshop feels really good to you. That way you can stand in your power while in front of your audience and be the expert. And we all know, that people buy from people who confidently express their gifts and talents and offers.

Make sure that your content is super valuable. And if it all possible, make it experiential. This enhances your potential for success even more. People love experiences. They don't love being talked to but they love being a part of something. Do that confidently and you will radically increase your chances of selling from the stage.

But don't overwhelm your audience with too many points. This is a classic mistake I see over and over again. In an effort to deliver excellent value, workshop facilitators often deliver WAY too much information. The result? An overwhelmed audience.

And guess what an overwhelmed audience member does NOT do?

She does not buy.
She can't make a clear decision from a place of overwhelm. So she does nothing.

And that's too bad for you.

So don't sabotage your efforts by:

Lacking uber, authentic confidence


overwhelming your audience.

Enhance your efforts by connecting deeply to your mission and your gifts and talents.

And then deliver concise information and a powerful experience. And at the end of this amazing combination, offer an up sell that you feel really good about, that you know is priced right and makes it easy for people to say "yes" to.

Making your workshop work! Part One

Dreaming of hosting your own powerful workshop as a way to gain clients? Can you envision your audience eating up the powerful information you have to share? Awesome! I love hosting workshops. It's such a fun thing to do and if done properly, it can really help you grow your business.71915545-0695-49ca-b6b8-7c8ac2c82b85

Today I'll cover some of the key elements you'll want to have in place in order to ensure your workshop delivers some meaningful content as well as positions you as an expert people want to hire.

But before you even think about delivering a workshop, you'll want to define a couple of important elements.

First of all - how are you going to market the workshop? To your own list? With flyers placed in locations where your ideal clients hang out? Through a local networking organization? All of the above?

It's super important that you give as much or MORE of your time and energy to the marketing of this workshop as you do to the content creation and rehearsal of it.

Once you've established how to market it, define the action you want ideal audience members to take at the end of your workshop.

Do you want them to hire you as the credible expert in your field? Are you offering a longer workshop or retreat? Establish what you want to sell from the stage first - because this is central to how you create and organize your content.

As you consider what you are going to be offering, don't make one of the most classic mistakes people make in selling from the stage...sharing too many offers!

Sharing too many offers can appear "sales-y" and create extreme confusion in the audience. In marketing there's a very popular saying - and it's soooooo true...

"A confused mind says "no!"

Instead, envision creating a very easy-to-follow sales pathway.

A pathway that makes sense. A pathway that is pleasant and easy to follow. A pathway with a trusted, credible expert as the leader.

YOU are the leader, my friends.

So stand in that power and make your offer with confidence. This is beyond key - and we'll talk a lot more about this the next time.

To determine what next step you'd like your audience to take, ask yourself... what could I offer that creates tremendous value at a price that isn't soooooo way beyond the workshop price? In what way would I love to interact with people?

For the client I was working with this week on the topic, her next logical step was a longer workshop - a 1/2 day workshop. She's not going to make the mistake of offering her audience one-on-one coaching as the next step. It's too big of a leap to make after a short workshop.

Your offer should be delivered with clarity and authority.  Make it valuable and something you really believe in.

Because how you feel about yourself, the content, the offer - even how you feel about the look and feel of the worksheet you're using all contributes to your vibrational presence. And that is the biggest determining factor in your success.

Next time we'll cover more tips that will help you radically increase your chances of success, so be on the lookout for that one!

Soakin’ Up Those GOOD Vibes

When I was a young girl used to ride my bike to the top of the hill in the town I lived next to. There was a beautiful statue of a man who developed the area. Something about that place just drew me there again and again.

Later, when I could drive, I would visit more frequently swinging by almost daily to just sit at the top of the hill looking down at the beautiful scene below.

There is something magical about the place to me. It felt good. It felt special. I realize now that it was all about the vibes. I couldn't have put it into those words in those days but I now understand energy enough to realize that what I was experiencing back then that made me feel so good - was the powerful energy in that area.
I can remember going to that spot so many times when I was feeling like I was all alone - or sad - or even happy. I can remember always leaving feeling better than I did when I arrived.

Patterson Statue, Hills and Dales Park Kettering, Ohio

Patterson Statue, Hills and Dales Park
Kettering, Ohio

Now that I'm older, I have a much clearer sense of why I was so drawn there. It was the energy.

I could have never described it in this way back then. I just knew that this place felt like a safe refuge for me. I could sit and not be bothered there. I felt at home in this place of beautiful healing, energy.

It made me feel better. It made me feel like I could breathe more deeply and smile more.

Now, in Sarasota, I have a new place that offers a similar healing and good vibe energy. It's called Celery Fields. It actually is an old celery field that has been turned into a nature preserve. There is a tall hill with palm trees on top that calls you to climb up and take in the incredible view. Wetlands surround it and you can see alligators and all kinds of birds flying freely, romping, following their bliss.

I love to climb to the top of the hill with my trusty binoculars in hand. Once I arrive I go to my favorite bench and watch the sights that surround me.

But much like my beloved statue spot back in my hometown, this place is more about the feel of it than anything.

I go sit at the top of the hill and something inside of me just melts into the bliss of that moment.

And when I'm feeling this good...I know more good things are coming.

Is there is a place like this for you? One that just feels sooooo good?

If so - visit there more often. It's good for your energy field, your spirit, and your physical body. Soaking up good vibes like this releases negative energy, and stress. And recalibrates you to the truest nature of who you are.

It's free - it's easy - it feels good - and it's an easy way to help you create more good things.

Try it out and let me know all about your magical place.

Are Your Goals Undermining Your Success?

"Dream big." "Go for the gold." "Set a BHAG - Big Hairy Audacious Goal." These are the types of phrases you may have heard from motivational speakers and professional coaches. Let's face it, the goal setting process is valuable. It helps you get clear about what you want and reminds you of where you are going. But there's a missing piece of the goal-setting puzzle, in my opinion. And this one thing can mean the difference between achieving the goals you've set for yourself and those same goals becoming an impossible dream.

Take my client Frankie. She's a wonderful lady. A dreamer - and a do-er. By the time Frankie found her way to me she was in a place of financial struggle. She was doing everything right, or so she thought. I could tell in our first conversation that Frankie had fallen prey to the encouragement of the motivational masses on the topic of goal setting. She had heeded the battle cry of setting her own "BHAG's" and had grown very, very fond of them.

During one of our earliest conversations Frankie shared with me her favorite BHAG; the financial goal she had set for her business. She intended to make $500,000 that year. Like many people who have dipped their toe in the Law of Attraction pond by watching the mega-hit "The Secret," Frankie had an elementary understanding of how the Universal Laws really work.

This became clear to me as we discussed the structure of her business. You see, Frankie's business model was not set up to pull in that kind of money.  She didn't have the products and services created, or the marketing avenues. But she did have her "BHAG" and her strong belief that she was open to the Universe bringing her this income.

Well, that's all lovely. I believe in the loving Universe bringing us things too - but I also know that I have to be a "vibrational match" in order for those good things to come into my experience.

I shared some resources with Frankie to help her better understand the Universal Laws that work in conjunction with the Law of Attraction. And I also shared with her my theory of "Money Resonance." You see, when it comes to things in your business such as price or goal-setting, one must take great care to make sure that they are "resonant" with those numbers. In other words, if you are making $12,000 a year and you set a BHAG of $700,000, it's more than likely that you are not vibrationally resonating - or anywhere near resonating with that number. You're resonating with what you are experiencing.

Look, I know all of this talk about vibrational resonance might sound way out there. It's really not that complicated, but I get that they are not words you hear every day. For those of you who have been drawn to the Law of Attraction idea, you owe it to yourself to get up to speed with these other concepts. Failure to learn about this stuff is the reason most people struggle to make Law of Attraction work for them.

So here's the thing guys -

If you set a goal that you aren't resonant with it's going to create energetic dissonance.

And that's no bueno.

Every time you look at that goal, you're going to "energetically zap" yourself. That might happen in the form of a conscious or subconscious thought like "Who am I kidding - I can't achieve that." Or "I don't really deserve to make 500,000 a year!"

Maybe you've been very attached to your goals like my client, Frankie. When I first introduced the idea of being resonant with her goals, she was very resistant to it. She had been long listening to those well-meaning motivational speakers out there. My idea was a completely new one, like it might be for you. But after some consideration and some honest dialogue, she was able to see for herself that her goals were doing more damage than good.

So how do you know if you're not resonant with your goals? Easy! Just look at your progress. How close are you to achieving them? Are you on track? If so, you're resonant. If not, well, you're not.

But that doesn't mean you can't be. Use this idea to have some honest dialogue with yourself about why you're not resonant. What are you believing about yourself that is impacting your ability to achieve those goals you hold dear? Is there anything you need to energetically release in order to move forward?

And while you're working on releasing that which is getting in your way, consider writing new goals that don't undermine your success.

It can be a complex process, but it's certainly achievable. If you feel that you would benefit from a guide on this journey, I can help you. Consider taking advantage of one of my Intensive coaching programs designed to get you moving forward - FAST!

A "Goals and Money Resonance" Strategy Session is an integral part of this amazing program. Check it out here...