About Molly Luffy, MBA

businessWho is Molly Luffy?

Ah – good question.  Like most women I know – a complex individual, to be sure.

On any given day you'll find me reading Fortune or Fast Company, listening to Howard Stern, meditating, having fun and connecting with my beloved clients.

My interests are varied...from making jewelry and other art to tap dance, hula hoop, golf and tennis, drumming, travel, animals (especially kitties!) personal development studies, Abraham-Hicks, decorating and baking.  I have a lot of interests!

I’m deeply Spiritual and see the connectedness, meaning and learning opportunity in all situations.  I believe we are visiting Earth School and have lots to learn from and grow with.  My guiding principles are empathy, compassion, forgiveness and gratitude.  I am interested in New Thought and the Universal Principles. 

I see the potential in people and have a deep commitment to helping them live it – and create what I call Authentic Success.

I started my career out of undergrad in Human Resources.  Having a instant “knack” for business, I quickly climbed the corporate ladder achieving Vice President status before hitting age 30.  At 35 I followed a deep yearning to pursue a career that was more meaningful and fulfilling and made a real difference in the world.  I sought training to become a professional Coach.

Things haven’t been the same since.  It’s been over 15 years and I can honestly say that I absolutely love what I do.  I feel as if I am fulfilling my vocational Soul purpose.  What a lucky girl I am!

My business path has been a winding one. It has tested my beliefs and pushed me to the limit in so many ways.

Because when you become the "product" – all of your “Can I really do this?” and “Am I good enough” thoughts come roaring to the surface.  Lucky for me I was courageous enough to examine these thoughts and dig deeply into my personal make up – and to discover who I really am at the core – outside of my role as strategist, wife, daughter, friend.

This kind of work is critical to living an authentic life.  And it is a very central part of the business process I use with my clients.  Because who you are being has a HUGE impact on your business results.

Another very strong aspect of my personality is my love of business.  I just adore it!!  I truly enjoy digging into problems and lasering into the root cause.  I have a gift for seeing the core components of even the most complex situation and establishing the fastest path to the desired result.  It is such a joy to share this with my clients and help them quickly and easily shift out of fear, feeling stuck and overwhelmed.

As a natural born improver – I have tweaked and overhauled, changed and grown my process to what it is now… an incredible blend of the best of smart and sound business strategy combined with personal development, spiritual principles, leading edge energy tools and intuitive guidance.  This blend, for the right clients is, as one client put it, “the best investment I have made in myself or my business - EVER!"

Some people call me their Trusted Advisor, Spiritual Counselor, Business Alchemist and at times, even Butt-Kicking Advocate.

But no matter what I’m called, my commitment remains the same –

My mission is to help conscious women evolve into the BEST version of themselves so that they can share their gifts, make a difference in the world and make a GREAT living doing it.

I will help you get out of your own way. 

I will help you become the best version of yourself. 

I’ll help you let go of the lies you are telling yourself that are keeping you playing small. 

And from that incredible place of personal power – things start to happen.  Opportunities show up.  As do clients and friends and fun and all kinds of yummy things.

Life is good when you are standing in your authenticity and power.  Are you ready?